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Use your smartphone/tablet:

  • 1. Download a QR/barcode Scanner app.

    2. Launch the Scanner app from your device.

    3. Test scan a free label (or scan the lost item's label).

    4. Follow the instructions to contact the owner.

    5. Return the item!


Terms and Condition

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About Us


LostFound provides services for individuals looking to protect valuable and sentimental items. LostFound offers these basic services free of cost to the public, and always will!

The LostFound team is composed of a diverse group of “Tinker-ers," with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, computer science, aviation, government, design, and more.


About Tinker & Speedy

Tinker Speedy

Tinker is LostFound’s ace techno-geek, and the one of the creators of the LostFound interface. Tinker is efficient, direct, and focused on creating the best user experience.

When not working on LostFound, you can find Tinker testing the latest gadgets and exploring the most recent technologies, looking for ways to implement them in everyday life.

Speedy the dog is Tinker’s trusty companion, and is always on the lookout for a lost item to return.

Don’t let his looks fool you, Speedy is in fact VERY QUICK! He uses any and all methods available to help reunite misplaced possessions with their rightful owners.

Speedy’s sense of humor brings a smile to the faces of everyone he meets. How can you not love this dog?

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