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Use your smartphone/tablet:

  • 1. Download a QR/barcode Scanner app.

    2. Launch the Scanner app from your device.

    3. Test scan a free label (or scan the lost item's label).

    4. Follow the instructions to contact the owner.

    5. Return the item!


Terms and Condition

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How do I download a QR/barcode reader or scanner for my smartphone?

  • Visit the App Store on your device (e.g. App Store, Play Store, etc).
  • Search for “QR Scanner, QR Reader, or Barcode Scanner/Reader.”
  • Download and install your application.


How do I test my labels?

Testing your labels is easy!

To verify what a finder will see, you may test the label code at, or scan the label's QR code (if available) with your smartphone. Either method gives you the same info.

Testing the label code on

  • Enter the label code at LostFound under "I FOUND AN ITEM."
  • The info displayed on your device will show you what a potential finder will see.
  • Make any edits under “My Labels.”

Testing the label using your smartphone's code scanner:

  • Download a QR/barcode reader or scanner to your device.
  • Run the application and scan your LostFound label.
  • The info displayed on your device will show you what a potential finder will see.
  • Make any edits under “My Labels.”

What if the FINDER does not have time to return an item?

If the finder does not have time to return the item, we recommend to leave the item at a trusted location, such as a Police Station or Public Transit’s Lost and Found Center.

Another option could be the front desk of a hotel, especially if the item was found in or near the hotel.

BE SURE to inform the owner the location and contact information (name, address, phone number) regarding where the item was left.


When I find an item, how can I communicate with the owner without giving them my personal information?

After scanning an item or entering in the alphanumeric code (via the “I FOUND AN ITEM” button), you will be taken to a form/messaging platform.

You will use this to communicate with the owner.

  • Select the box titled “I do not want the owner to see my email address.” All messages will be sent to the owner without your contact information.


How do I find out about new products in the store?

Tinker and Speedy are constantly searching the globe to create the latest and greatest products.  Our assortment will be updated frequently.

To be notified of new products, or to make a suggestion for products you would like to see, send an email to

How do I differentiate between letters and numbers in the code on the label?

The zeros will show up with a slash, and the capital letter "O" will not have a slash. zero=0 and, Letter O=O.

If you have any difficulty or additional questions, please send a note to


As a finder, how do I receive an reward?

LostFound operates on the honor system.  Owners are responsible for honoring the rewards they establish.

LostFound offers a payment platform to send the finder the reward payment via email.

For any additional questions, please send a note to


How do I view and share Badges received for returning an item?

You can view and share your badges here

How do I remove a LostFound label from my profile?

Removing a label from your profile is permanent!

Send an email to: Please include the alphanumeric code of the label you wish to remove, along with the reason for deleting the label.

Once deleted, the label cannot be restored!

How do I contact LostFound with a suggestion or issue?

Send an email to: Most emails will be answered within 24 hours (one business day).