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Use your smartphone/tablet:

  • 1. Download a QR/barcode Scanner app.

    2. Launch the Scanner app from your device.

    3. Test scan a free label (or scan the lost item's label).

    4. Follow the instructions to contact the owner.

    5. Return the item!


Terms and Condition

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Configuring Your Label Privacy Settings

Choose which Info is Displayed to the Finder:

  • When the finder scans your label, any information that is shown in the “Finder will See” window next to “Privacy Options “My Labels” will be displayed.
  • If you do not wish to share this information, use an alternate email or phone number. You can always choose to display no information for all labels by turning the Master Privacy Switch “On.”  
  • When in doubt, use this setting!


Coordinating with the Finder

Instruct the Finder to Leave the Item in a Secure Location:

  • It is recommended to instruct the finder to leave the item at a secure public location, such as a hotel lost & found/concierge. 
  • You may still pay the finder a reward online after you recover the item.


Recovering Your Item

Before Leaving to Recover Your Item:

  • Bring a friend
  • Email and phone a family member to let them know where you will be going and whom you meet.
  • MEET ONLY IN PUBLIC PLACES! Recommended locations are with a hotel concierge/front desk, or a police or fire station.
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